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Thanks SPMark, ot might be to late for you to see today but here is an example.

HK Kopavogur
IBV Vestmannaeyjar

Game is at 2:45 and is not showing up. But the 2 iceland games at 3:15 are showing. Will try to point it out a little longer before game time next time.

Thanks for looking into it.


Still hoping for an android app to be available.


SP since lately it seems that everyone are having problems getting bonus money. I stopped betting for a month and I received an e-mail from you and it said click on and open the envelope to see what I won. Well I did do it and I received $1.00 into my bonus money. So I think that you should do this once a month for all of the players and give us a free monthly bonus money. Instead of not making any bets for a month in order for me to get this. Come on SP!!!!!


It really is a bonus when I get some bonus money.


Fixing the rank up bonus


I would really like other ways to get bonus money


Make the mini games work again.


I also miss the minigames ...........

Full Access Full Access

How about wagering on Canadian Football League games. Please consider this. Thanks


there should be no limit to how many times limited members can cashout without watching accelerator vids


I thought they said that limited members can cash out many times

Full Access Full Access

I want Canadian League Football games request is once again falling on deaf ears


Me encantarĂ­a poder realizar apuestas tales como: Doble Chance /Ambos equipos anotan/si y no entre otras mas...........


Limit the amount of video adds that drain the available computer memory. This is the only website that I get a warning about web performance.


I agree about the ads I keep getting ads on the bottom right of the screen


Option 4 is my first choice .. Option 1 would be my second !!

Option 5 .. no limit on lifetime winnings .. cash out $200 as many times as you can


I think it's a shame that the record-keeping is eroding. That has been one of the most enjoyable features of this site. I LIKE statistics.


lvp, we hear you. It is not going to happen right now, though. We've been looking into CFL, but it is not a flip of the switch kind of thing. If it happens, it is going to take some time to roll out, & we will certainly let all y'all know about it when it does happen. Patience.

And Crist26, there is NO limit on the number of Cash-Outs you can do. Those videos, though, are what fund the site & are what help pay your Cash-Outs, so you are asked to contribute to the site in that way.


You need to do a better job with tennis. Matches that haven't started yet are no longer available to bet! I know start times are subject to the length of matches before but you certainly can get within 15 minutes and not takes them off 1 1/2 hours or more before they start!!!!!


so if I understand it there's no limit to cashing out even ify ou're not a premier member


SP Mark---

Regarding the soccer games comments on the previous page (121), I made a thread about it about 6 weeks ago--Soccer lines inconsistent. I guess you didn't read that one. And again tonight Kawasaki Frontale not among the J-league games, like I said, all season. (You might think it is some relegation/promotion oversight, except they weren't either, and the J2 games are on here as well, so no idea why.)

Also I always find it sad that the best you can do is say, hey watch for this and let us know if it happens again (and hope we notice your post before the games go off.) It sounds to me like an issue with your line provider, and you should be taking it up with them, not depending on our future help.


I will check on Kawasaki Frontale specifically for you, Octiger, but we do not offer every match from every league.


Actually monitoring the chat would be a great start. Not this hackneyed system you have had in place since, well, pretty much forever. Where, much like in the NFL, the retaliator always gets the flag, never the instigator. Not to mention, the endless and I do mean endless, amount of garbage that fake and his mates get away with on a daily basis.


well I got to say this site is trying to get bettor, they were down for a whole day but it looks like they fixed everything...….


hi SPMark can you possibly put the football tab up its getting close to that time ,, smiley and as always smiley


^^^^^ WOW, has absolutely ZERO shame. Can not scrub off the phony. Truly is a sight to see. @Harvey, two-face. Save your patented smiley slurpie supreme. You not fooling anyone at this point. Your actions and nonstop lies, when others are not looking, speak volumes. Only to their face, when you want something, like the ability to stalk, endlessly, for instance. Do they "rock" get lost smiley


can't wait for football season to start


to earn more money and have it easier to navigate around.. i just join


more available trivia time for bonus money.


I want to be able to play trivia and mini-games for bonus money at times other than after midnight.