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Full Access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do I have to be a Full Access member in order to use SportsPlays?
No, Full Access is voluntarily and is not required to use the website. It simply provides a more robust user experience with access to many more tools, features and benefits.

What are the benefits of Full Access?
See our Full Access page for an explanation of benefits here.

How much does Full Access cost and how do I purchase?
Full Access costs pennies per day. You can purchase month-to-month, or get a 3, 6 or 12-month membership (the longer the membership, the cheaper it is). You purchase with a valid credit or debit card. For 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions, we also accept personal or cashier's check. To see the pricing options and details, go here.

Residents of which states in the United States may purchase Full Access?
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and District of Columbia.

Residents of the which other countries may purchase Full Access?
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

My state or country is not listed. Why can't I get Full Access?
The lawmakers in your jurisdiction have indicated that they do not want their residents to pay money to a company that provides a game like ours and our lawyers have recommended we respect their wishes :)

I have homes in two different places, one where Full Access is not allowed and one where it is. Can I purchase Full Access?
If you have a home in a state or country that allows Full Access, you will need to order and use SportsPlays from that residence. 

I reside in a state/country that allows Full Access membership but when I tried to order I was denied. What's up?
Your computer is telling us it is not located in one of the allowed jurisdictions. You can still order Full access. You simply need to send us proof of residency from the state/country that allows Full Access membership. We require a government-issued document (i.e. a driver’s license) and utility bill, both which show your name and address of the state you live in. Scan these and email them to us at as an attachment or fax them to (970) 660-0109 and send an email to us notifying us of the fax you have sent.

How do I cancel my membership?
If you no longer wish to be a Full Access member contact support here. Once cancelled, you will receive email confirmation. Your existing membership will remain in place until its expiration.

If I cancel my Full Access purchase before my membership is scheduled to end can I get a refund for unused time?
No, refunds are not provided. Cancelling your Full Access membership simply cancels any further renewals.

If I cancel Full Access membership and later decide I want to re-join, can I do that?
Yes, you can re-join at any time! Note that any promotions (like reduced first-month fee) will not apply to re-purchasing.


If you have other questions about SportsPlays not related to Full Access, check out our FAQ

If you need further help, contact us here.