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There are certain times in the world of sports where things align perfectly. During the fall, college football combines with the end of the Major League Baseball season and the beginning of both basketball and hockey. In the winter, things get even better. Right at the beginning of the year, sports fans get to fire up a wide range of different interests. There are so many sports on television that it can be different to know what to watch next. The good sports fan always stays organized and knows what’s coming down the pipe. 

During the middle of winter, college basketball truly heats up. Out of conference play in college hoops can drag on for what seems like forever, but when teams get into conference play, there is seemingly non-stop action. Six nights per week, sports fans are treated to some of the best games from around the country. Whether it is the Big Ten, ACC, of PAC 12 you support, this is one of the best times in sports. Early winter brings bits and pieces of what we can expect to happen in March, when the best sporting event under the sun comes to television.

The NBA is also on its way during the early part of the year. Sports fans typically do not tune into the NBA until the league gets close to the All-Star break. By that time, things have sorted out to some extent. It is clear who is going to be in the playoff hunt, and it is even more clear when there have been disappointments. January is the perfect time for sports fans to start to get interested, as the race for the number one seed heats up in both conferences. More than that, NBA All-Star weekend provides great entertainment, even for those who don’t love the game. 

Hockey has roared back over the last five years, with rule changes making it more popular and watchable than almost ever before. The nice thing about hockey is that the season ebbs and flows. The games are more intense than in basketball, and the players really seem to care more during the regular season. The early part of the year brings us hockey teams that are starting to truly find a rhythm. It will not be long before the NHL is showing up with great post-season games, so hockey fans are right to get excited about this time in the sports year.

The NFL playoffs linger on in January, with the Super Bowl coming up in February. This is a time when sports fans begin to lament the end of another football season while anticipating the season’s biggest game. The NFL provides sports fans and sports talking heads with an almost constant topic for discussion during these weeks. Even while games are going on in other sports, many sports fans just want to talk about football. It is a testament to football’s place atop the sports world that fans continue to appreciate the game well into January. 

Finally, the first part of the sports year brings about tremendous opportunities to enjoy the smaller sports. Tennis, for instance, offers the Australian Open, which is up there with the Open Championship as the best sports event to watch late at night. Likewise, the golf season is getting going, and though the Masters won’t take place for a few months, many enjoy watching Tiger Woods and the rest of the field take to the course in some of the early-season events. If you are a sports fan, then there is no better time to be awake and in front of a television.