Horse Racing Betting Strategies You Should Learn by Heart

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the biggest sports in the U.S, which is impressive considering that it also has one of the lowest audiences, except for their significant events. However, you should also consider that most people who watch or attend horse racing events are mostly bettors looking to win big by the end of the day.

Even if a lot of bettors are betting on it, there will only be a few of them who will win by the end of each race. If you are one of the many who constantly loses a bet every single race, it might not be your luck that is at fault but your ability to read the game. Sure, horse racing, just like any other type of sports betting, also factors a little bit of skill and knowledge to win.

And even then, even people who are so-called professionals still lose from time to time and even suffer from losing streaks.

If you are serious enough with horse racing that you want to be better at it, here are some strategies you need to start learning by heart so the next time you bet on horse racing, you’ll come prepared.

Capitalize on the Form Guides

Like mentioned earlier, thousands of people bet on horse racing every day, but only a tiny percentage of them win every day. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of knowledge most people have. Knowledge and how to analyze said knowledge are vital to winning more bets.

That said, where do you find the knowledge? Remember that simple piece of paper that you can easily get when going to a horse racing event? That simple piece of paper called form guides can help you win bucket loads of money.

Also known as racing forms, morning line odds, form guides contain all of the information about the current horse racing event, from the most notable info about the horses, their respective jockeys, and critical information about the race itself. Of course, it won’t tell you which horse to bet on, but at least it will give you essential information to make an educated guess.

The first thing you should check is the kind of track the event is utilizing, easily obtainable by doing a quick search online. Then, you can check the track records and other stuff about the horse in a form guide which helps you analyze what the horse is capable of.

Speaking of track records, a horse that is consistent in being top three in its most recent races is generally a good bet. However, you should consider these wins’ factors, which is what the form guide is all about.

Correlate the Tracks with your Bets

One of the most significant factors in the horse’s victory in a race is the type of track he was running on. Not all channels are made equally, which means that each horse is more adept in a specific track. For example, some horses usually do better on shorter tracks, and there are horses that are much faster on a synthetic track surface.

Yes, there are a lot of variables, to begin with in terms of factors, but the most important thing you should check is the track itself. Relate it to a horse you want to bet on, and you’ll likely see how well the horse will perform in its next race. Luckily, all of this info can be found on the form guides, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching on the internet.

Understand How the Betting Systems Work

There are three main betting systems in horse racing, but their execution can vary worldwide. Probably the most popular betting system is the fixed odds betting system. When you place a bet using the fixed odds system, you will be placing a bet with a bookie, which has already set a fixed odds on that particular race.

If you win, your payout will depend on the amount you put on your bet multiplied but the odds. Odds can be represented by decimals, fractions, or by Moneyline odds.

For example, let’s say you;ve bet on #5 with a 5 to 1 odds with $10 on tvg horse racing. If you win, you will win $50 plus your original bet, making your payout $60. One of the reasons why this betting system is popular is because it’s easy to understand once you properly learn its gist. Not only that, with the fixed odds system, you can correctly calculate how big your payout will be if you manage to win.

Final Thoughts

Some people say that horse racing is complicated and hard to understand. A lot of people would disagree. It’s actually relatively easy to understand once you are willing to learn it. But of course, winning is a different matter. If you’re frustrated about constantly losing in horse racing, try to understand the strategies mentioned above, and you’ll undoubtedly start winning. Of course, these strategies are somewhat bare, so it’s entirely up to you to keep learning more advanced stuff.

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