How to Prepare for the Upcoming 2022-23 NFL Season

NFL Season

As the 2021-22 NFL season comes to a close, fans are already looking ahead to the next season. While it may seem like there’s plenty of time between now and then, there are actually a few things that fans can do to start preparing for the upcoming season.

Being well-prepared will give you an edge in decision-making. With that said, here are some things you should keep in mind to prepare for this NFL season.

Determine the NFL Schedule for This Season

The game brackets for each NFL team are provided in the NFL schedule. Each team must compete in 17 regular-season games with one bye week over five months. Each team will host nine regular seasons and one pre-season or eight regular seasons and two pre-seasons alternately.

The schedule is typically written like this to make it easier to understand:

  • A team must play six matches against the three opposing teams in its division, two games apiece, one at home and one away, for a total of six games.
  • They will then play four games, two at home and two away, against the other three opposing divisions within the same conference.
  • The team will then play 4 times versus groups from different conferences. Once more, there will be two home games and two away games.
  • There will be two more matchups, one at home and one away, versus the other 2 divisions within a similar conference.
  • The team will also play a game versus a division they’re not set to face.

Remember that the NFC will host 9 regular-season matches this NFL season at home.

Look For The Best Betting Platform

There are many ways to bet on NFL games nowadays, and the most popular way is to bet online. In online betting, you will encounter several different platforms. The crucial step you should take is to pick which one is the best. You can find various bookmakers, and choosing the best one will simplify wagering.

Remember that every platform offers different NFL odds when picking an online sportsbook. You can use the odds offered to help you identify which one is the best choice for you.

Additionally, you should ensure that the online sportsbook accepts the sports you plan to wager on while choosing the best one. If not, you could decide not to bet on your team of choice once the NFL season begins. Additionally, confirm that their business is legitimate and governed. Finally, find the ideal bookmaker for you and safeguard your wagers.

Develop a strategy

A strategy is crucial in increasing your chances of choosing a winning bet in the NFL and other sports. You can choose more wisely when you place a bet once you have established a solid sports betting strategy. In addition, you may be able to enjoy the experience with its guidance fully. An effective strategy always starts with extensive research.

How you wager plays a significant role when you start placing bets. Many bettors tend to place bets randomly on the match they watch. It’s still best to have a strategy before starting betting.

You can select from a comprehensive option of different NFL wagering strategies. Some of these strategies can be complicated and challenging to understand. These strategies are recommended for the more advanced bettors.

Meanwhile, you can still strategize efficiently. The strategy that most bettors use is combining bets. They make a few “safer bets” and add some riskier wagers. If everything is set out correctly and luck is in your favor, you may be able to profit from your wagers.

Learn About the Different NFL Wagers

The next thing you must prepare for this NFL Season is the various betting types. Here are some of the wagers most NFL bettors make to get things started.


Due to its simplicity, Over/Under is a widespread bet. The online bookmaker will show the bettors the two teams’ expected combined score. Then, you will only need to bet if the match’s final tally is greater than or less than the bookie’s predetermined amount. The wagers will be reimbursed if the final score matches the bookmaker’s predetermined number.

Money Line

The most popular wager for newcomers is the money line. Compared to the Over/Under bet, it is easier to understand and has more straightforward rules. To win a money line wager, the bettor must predict which team will defeat the other team. Put another way. You bet on the team you believe will win.

Prop Bets

Any side wagers the bettor places that are not very relevant during the game are known as proposition or “prop” bets. It is a fun wager that yet is profit potential. Predicting a team’s jersey color for the game is an excellent example of a prop bet.

NFL Futures

The type of wager you might want to consider this NFL season is the NFL futures. As the name implies, this type of wager involves placing a bet on a game that isn’t happening soon. For example, since we are just at the beginning of this season, you can bet on a team that you think will win their division, conference, and the like.

The Super Bowl is the NFL’s future betting event that attracts the greatest attention. Additionally, it is always accessible, so you may frequently visit the bookmaker’s website to see how the odds have changed.

Start Prepping up Immediately

Since the 2022-23 NFL season is underway, you should prepare as soon as possible. Follow the tips provided to jumpstart your preparation and be ready more quickly.

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