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Is there going to be NASCAR betting lines this year? It would be nice...


I think Nascar Betting would be very popular...... Please add that option Sportsplay..


been asking for NASCAR since 2009 .. aint going to happen


Other sites simply had it as head to head lines, 1 driver vs. another driver. I'm sure it is do-able on here.


That would be awesome. Come one SP, make it happen.


I think it would be fun. Maybe they will surprise us, they did say no Olympic betting and hockey showed up!


I would love to have nascar to bet on.....................


FSB can minimize their losses by limiting the NASCAR bets to one pick only. No hedging. The player gets one shot to get it right and they can still implement the $10 cap on winnings! Do it!


Why has no one from commented on this yet? Just curious? NOTHING but positive feedback on this so far. smiley


Not to be argumentative but I have seen more posts for nascar than for Olympic hockey.... As well as the fact that we can bet wnba, I think there is more interest in nascar than the wnba. It also gives something different on Sundays to play when there is no nfl. But that's just my opinion.


like to see nascar lines would be more interest than you realize


not enough interest in NASCAR at this time ? are you shittin me ? guys have been asking for it going on 5 years now ... WNBA ? MMA ? TENNIS ? i'd be willing to bet over a season you'd see more NASCAR bets made then WNBA, MMA & TENNIS combined !!


Only bet I'll make on nascar is if they turn left


I would also WAY rather bet on NASCAR than MMA/WNBA/Tennis all combined lol. I would bet on NASCAR every week. But, whatever. IT IS however, a joke that ya'll put WNBA on here, but won't put up NASCAR. I can guarantee you that NASCAR has millions more fans than the WNBA lol. smiley


BigChina and Stonz
I agree with you one hundred per cent. smiley


Nascar was always fun to bet on... If we keep asking maybe they will let us bet it...


I believe nascar betting would be more popular than yall think... please just give it a few trys


I really make a lot of nascar bets, I'd like that .


methinks its like pinning the tail on the donkey if y'all know what i mean hmmmm


I think it is a small vocal minority that wants NASCAR. Have to agree would have more traffic than WNBA but SP gets a nice bet volume from the ladies here so would be dumb to slice and dice wnba.


I imagine that if NASCAR was available to bet on it would be more popular.... You know the old saying.... make it and they will come...... why not try a trial period..... post NASCAR for a month and see how much interest there really is.


boddady... i would also bet on nascar


Who wants to watch nascar , id rather bet and watch paint dry on the wall or maybe the grass grow or maybe watch a pot of water boil and anything else you can think of that would be absolutely horrible ... because none of them are as bad as watching nascar


Sportsplays... I can understand that answer "Watch because it's a huge undertaking to add." to why yall dont have betting on nascar...

I hope that in the near future sportsplay will consider it as a good option to install for us to bet on... Was always a favorite of mine on Centsports


Count me as one who'd bet on nascar


The biggest problem with NASCAR and betting is it's not just a single head-to-head per event. There are 903 possible "lines" per race. 43 racers taken 2 at a time (go here if you want proof):

OK, so I'm a geek. But like the moderator said, it's not as easy as it seems.

Secondly, on the number of people, 3.6 million people attend NASCAR races a year. 12.5 million households watch the Daytona 500 on TV ( ). The interest would be there.


Count me in on Nascar betting also. It was fun betting on the drivers on FreeSportsBets.


sp please give us would be great for everyone.....


nascar's like a fine..................once you try it.............


Coding isn't a huge undertaking....

It may take some brainwork, but it's a quick fix.

I still want major poker tournaments.