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@moolamatt, are you thinking some sort of divine intervention? smiley


MONEYLINE: Estrella Cabeza-Candela -230
MONEYLINE: Laura Pigossi -247

Need this 2 matches graded as soon as possible, it has ended almost 3 hours ago and still waiting for that to be graded


Both of those matches have been graded. Thank you!


ML-Jovana Jaksic -144 ML-Paula Ormaechea -174. ???


stonz mussta been stoned when creating this thread,, ive always had suucceess contacting support to fix an error.... you might as well stand outside walmart and cast your complaint,,,,


Well go to Walmart then, rake.

This thread has actually been working pretty well. If you don't like it, then just don't use it and continue to do sh!t your way.


Problem solved for you.

Good night.


if there are 3 gas stations at a corner intersection why wud you build a 4th on the remaining spot, doesnt make sense enuff said i love walmart....... smiley smiley


re: 3 gas stations on a corner...

Remember Dave Thomas, the guy that started Wendy's H-burgers?
Turns out after he got established, he made a lot more money
selling real estate than burgers. He would do market research,
find a great intersection location, buy the land on 3 of the 4 corners
and sell the other 2 to McD's and BKing!


SP, waiting on a couple of pending bets:

Barcelona -1.5 (-130)

3 team parlay-
Barcelona -371
PSG -494
Gerald Melzer -333



That Barca/Bilbao match today...the match info has been corrected & picks on it are being graded. As I'm sure most of you saw, the match info changed to their match coming up this weekend. While our programmers on dealing with the "why," we were able to get you all squared away on it. And I do see some of you may still have some specific issues relating to this, so I will be getting to those this evening.


Oregon vs Arizona THE right way

Full Access Full Access

Adding a plus one for Oregon Arizona. The score shown is correct, but Ore +8 is graded as a loss. Thanks for looking at this.


01-29-16 TEN Parlay Pick 1: MONEYLINE: Kyle Edmund -650 pending
01-29-16 CBB Parlay Pick 2: MONEYLINE: Tigers -502


Contacted support; posted in another thread---CORRECT the grading of the OREGON DUCKS ML AND ATS WINS over the Arizona Wildcats on Thursday night!!! How freakin hard is this????? smiley


Hey guys,
All picks on the ORE/AZ game have finally been correctly re-graded. Thanks for your patience and GL to all!


MONEYLINE: Vesnina, E/Soares, B -150


I kinda thought this thread was doing pretty well. If people don't want to try and use it, even though it gets responded to pretty frequently, then good luck.

Happy betting all.


I need Ituano v Lisensa graded please.

Full Access Full Access

USA Canada from last night. Thanks in advance.


Federico Delbonis vs. Fabio Fognini been over for over 3 hours, still not graded. smiley


6 hours now.....still not graded


how dumb this thread still is because contacting support is so much easier and gets results keep on stonerz smiley


Yeah rake lol - that's why it's on page 5 and has over 140 responses. Looks like the only one stoned is you, pal. You've been on here several times running your mouth about how stupid this and that is and quite frankly I'm tired of your sh!t.

If you don't like this thread, then stay the 'F' off of it and go mind your business.

How about that?



i need a pick graded sp its been 3 minutes i need my 8 cents


Your response is laughable, just like everyone here knows you are. Try NOT trying next time, and just stick with your Menudo and Ricky Martin forums. You're probably a hero there.



Oh what, rake?? Can't hear you... you said what......



LOVE ****!ing with this guy lol. He's such a tool! On top of that, he ASKS for it!



Guys, chill out. No one wants to see your personal war. If it continues, you risk being banned. Thanks in advance for showing restraint.


Never had a problem to start with SportsPlays. Rake apparently has the problem with this thread for some reason. He just needs to stay off of here if he doesn't like it.

I have no problem at all. I'm good.


Soccer.... Olympique Marsellie .. Won 2-0 you have it as a push ???