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What a day in history could do to sports and sports gambling industry ballgame Well I dont really know but I do feel that there is a connection in here for sure !!!! If you do not see the connections of this forum to sports gambling at all then just ignore it ballgame or be in it with some facts from your side of the world BUT THE STUPIDITY AS A FACT FOR A DAY IN HISTORY IS NOT REALLY APPRECIATED YET COULD THERE BE A DAY IN HISTORY WITHOUT THE STUPIDITY IS A QUESTION TO LOOK AT FOR SURE !!!!!!!!!!! smiley smiley smiley


Mendelssohn's "wedding March"
Mendelssohn's March was first performed on October 14, 1843 in Potsdam at the premiere of a Midsummer night's dream based on Shakespeare's play of the same name. The March gained popularity after it was performed at the wedding of Princess Victoria and crown Prince Frederick of Prussia in 1858. Since then, the performance of special wedding music during the wedding has become common. smiley smiley

In the USSR, Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" began to spread only in 1959, when The country began to build wedding palaces. smiley


Winnie the Pooh by Alan Alexander Milne was published on October 14, 1926. In the first year after its publication, the book sold more than a million copies. smiley
The prototype of the bear cub was a canadian black bear named Winnipeg at London zoo. smiley
Winnie the Pooh was widely known in the USSR for the translation of Alan Milne's book into Russian by the writer Boris Zahoder in 1960. smiley


The first train in the Moscow metro was launched smiley
On October 14, 1934, the first test of a test train of the Moscow metro (subway) took place. The train consisted of A/B type cars produced by the Mytishchi car building plant. The first passengers were able to ride in the metro in early 1935 — it was only the best workers and delegates VII of the All-Union Congress of Soviets. smiley


20 OCTOBER 1968 at the Olympic games in Mexico city, the victory in the high jump with a result of 2 m 24 cm was won by thr American Dick Fosbery smiley , who came up with an original way to overcome the bar - with his back to it. The new style quickly gained popularity all over the world. smiley


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