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NASCAR is underway!! i missed this sport terribly. I am so thrilled. The men who drive these cars are incredible athletes. They exercise with a lot of intensity and passion. They are in terrific shape. Their conditioning is amazing. When they are in their car they need to be strong physically and and they must have have amazing endurance. Riding in those cars is so, so hot . Also the cars tremble and shake and vibrate as though they were in a Tank . The reason for the car shaking is that they are driving at over 200 miles per hour.


Yeah, but they chose to alienate their entire hillbilly fanbase by ridding the circuit of their beloved "you can not erase history" flag. Surely you must agree that was a penny wise and pound foolish decision, yes?? smiley


DO I UNDERSTAND IT RIGHT PSUCOMMIT ??? THIS IS YOUR WAY OF COOL SPORT ???? >>>>>> smiley smiley >>>>>> smiley smiley