How Technology Has Impacted the World of Sports Betting

Sports Betting

As one of the most lucrative betting avenues, sports betting has taken the world by storm and earned the highest ranking revenue amount in comparison to other online wagering spheres.

This is due to a wide variety of things, such as sports becoming more and more popular due to the rise of globalization, the fact that people can now connect with their favorite players via social media, making them more reachable and ultimately being able to watch live games happening thousands of miles away, from the comfort of your home.

Now, if you think about it carefully, what do all of these changes and advancements have in common? You guessed it – technology. 

This article aims to shed light on the different ways that technology has impacted the world of sports betting. 

Devices are Key: Playing While on The Go

One of the major changes that has rocked the world of sports betting is the fact that people can now engage with games while on the go, through their mobile devices. Many punters actually prefer playing from their smaller handheld devices than on their laptops, as they are more used to the smaller interface and feel that they can react faster when using their fingers to control actions versus using a mouse. If you want to know more about that, here’s what they had to say and you can read all about it. 

Forget the days of brick-and-mortar casinos, where players had to stand in line to access a specific game, drive and find parking and then dress up, as well. Now, players prefer their small mobile phones and if they don’t like those, then they can even play from their smartwatches.

This has been a huge change for the game of sports betting, as players can listen to the game in their headphones while making bets on their phones. For those who are more advanced, they might even prop their laptop up on their knees while on their morning commute so they can watch the game in action and then place bets through their smartphones.

This is truly a completely new way of engaging with games. And if these players have their laptops open and with them whilst at a café during a lunch break, you can be sure that they are logging onto their favorite sports game in an instant. 

The Rise of Mobile Apps

Beyond being able to partake in games from anywhere and at any time, the rise of mobile apps or apps, in general, has also given rise to more gameplay of sports betting. The reason for this is that apps are typically more robust and streamlined than websites.

Sites tend to glitch and punters needing to log into their account every time they want to play can become exhausting and annoying. Therefore, having an app on your phone or your laptop, not only makes logging in so much easier as it’s an automated process but also gives punters to opportunity to place bets with ease.

Apps are like mini platforms where online casinos can easily add helpful features and tools for players to engage with. 

Apps also allow you to store your sensitive data in a much better way. You can add your payment details to the app with more peace of mind than if you were to simply add it on a website, as apps are more robust when it comes to cyber security, as they need to run through a lot of checks before being uploaded to the Apple or Google Play Store. Therefore, punters can feel a sense of calm when playing on their apps.

Technological Advancements Make All the Difference

Playing whilst on the go and having special apps to log into has made the world of players all across the world. However, there are still other areas that technology has touched which has made sports betting even more lucrative.

For example, through the advancements in technology, players are now able to partake in what is known as ‘micro betting’ which allows punters to place bets on smaller actions within the game. This is helpful for punters who are starting out and who may not yet know enough about the game to place bigger bets, creating a more inclusive environment.

Furthermore, through the rise of technology, players can gain access to more sporting information and knowledge, which form the base of all bets. The more a punter knows about a game or a player, the more likely he will be to actually place an informed bed.

Therefore, having data analytics out on display and having experts sharing their insights, is met with much welcome. 

Moreover, the rise of Artificial intelligence (A), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has given players the chance to see the game in a whole new way. Smart stadiums are actually adopting a lot of these realities, to create a more exciting and captivating experience for spectators.

Through smart stadiums, that boast the most exceptional cameras and sports gear technology, spectators can get a real taste of the game, which further inspires them to enjoy the game fully. 

As you can see from the above, technology has had a huge impact on the world of sports betting and it is bound to continue to have a big impact. 

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