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Bert "The Hitman" Satski

Not all guys who crush their football picks need to be the beer swigging type. Bert proves that good handicappers come in all forms. While you might find Sal with a beer in hand, watching football on his big TV, you might find Bert longing for his glory days. Bert used to sing in a band, where his mellow tunes made women want him and men want to be him. In case you haven't noticed yet, Bert's easily the best looking of this merry gang. He knows it, too, holding it over the boys.

Bert once got so drunk at one of his gigs that he fell into the drummer, so he knows his way around a bottle of beer. When he's not doing that, though, he's picking football games at a high level. Bert can pick college football and NFL like few other handicappers in the world. He's long watched the games, and now, he uses his knowledge to make money by betting point spreads, totals, props, and anything else he can get his mitts on.

You might be wondering how a guy who used to play in a band happens to be so good at picking football games. It started a long time ago, when Bert used to play with guys who played college football. He learned the game from them, and since that time, he's learned how to use a combination of gut and instincts to pick the games. Bert understands from his experience that you can't win without a combination of both of those things. If you're going to be successful, you have to know the numbers, but you also have to have something in your gut that tells you when the time is right to pull the trigger. That's Bert, the best looking guy in the crew, making NFL and college football picks that will make the average bettor swoon just like the ladies did back when they watched his band play.

Cat Burglar

When you hear the name Cat Burglar, you might not think about sports and sports betting. That's a mistake, though, because one of the best handicappers out there goes by that name. There's no one in the world of sports betting that's more "chill" than the Cat Burglar. He can regularly be found sitting back and enjoying a handful of beers, watching his picks come in on a daily basis. This is the guy you want on your side if you're looking for someone to head to the bar during happy hour. He's also the guy that you want backing you when it comes time to pick those games.

If it's making picks you're wondering about, then the Cat Burglar has you covered in a major way. The Cat Burglar isn't just a beer drinker. He's also what you might call a sharp. He's a sharp handicapper in more than just one sport, too. Whether it's on the gridiron in the fall or on the hardwood when winter rolls around, you can count on the Cat Burglar to have an edge where most others don't. He's the kind of guy who doesn't just focus on the big games, either. The Cat Burglar knows that the most important thing is to find a way to make money, and if you're going to do that, it will require you to target all kinds of different spots.

What makes the Cat Burglar a sharp at college and pro football and basketball? Perhaps it's his encyclopedia-like understanding of the different teams and their players. Over the years, he's learned that you can't really expect to make much money betting on college football unless you know the many teams, even in those conferences that people don't look to. In the NFL and NBA, the Cat Burglar is always up to date on the latest news, and more than that, how the news will impact the teams that you might want to bet on. You can count on the Cat Burglar to pull you through when it comes time to make money.

Sal the Prognosticator

We all know those guys who love to drink beer, watch football, and make some bets on games. Most of those guys can't be counted on to make picks that will win you some money. Sal's a different kind of guy. Sure, he loves to swig the best beer and put a game on his TV, but he's also one of the best when it comes to picking games. Whether it's picking outright winners or making those picks against the spread, Sal's the best around, and he's proven it time and time again when asked to make picks.

Sal's bread and butter is making good picks on NFL games. Every Sunday, you can find him in front of his television with a beer in hand, watching the picks he's made that week. He's built a reputation among his followers for not going with the herd. Rather, he's the kind of guy who can make it his own picks using the knowledge he's accumulated over the years.

What makes Sal so good at picking NFL games? It's certainly not the beer he sucks down, though that might help. He's good at picking NFL games because he understands the matchups. He knows about home field advantage, the weather, and how to assess a team coming off of a difficult, physical road trip. He's smart enough to know that sometimes, if you want to win the money, you have to go with an underdog rather than just picking favorites every time. While Sal might not be suiting it up for the Indianapolis Colts every Sunday, he studies the game like Andrew Luck, watching film and breaking down the various players that make a difference. That's why all of Sal's friends come to him before every Sunday afternoon to find out exactly who he's going to pick that week. If Sal can't figure it out, then it won't be figured out by anyone.

General Brown

So you want to make money this year betting on college football? Then you need to be introduced to General Brown. He hails from the ATL, where college football is more like a religion. To say that General Brown has grown up around college football would be an understatement. It's not just the Georgia Bulldogs and other SEC powers that he knows, either. He's learned to love the whole sport, watching teams from coast to coast and learning their tendencies so that he can be one of the best handicappers around.

General Brown loves wings. He loves them so much that once, when he was involved in a wing challenge, he burnt his penis by touching it before he happened to wash his hands. Talk about dedication and an ability to tackle the hottest wings in the place! That's what General Brown is all about, and it's how he approaches his football handicapping, too. There's not a guy out there who is willing to take more risks than General Brown, and quite often, they pay off. It's that unique ability to challenge the status quo that makes General Brown who he is. And it's the desire to always make himself a better football handicapper that figures to keep General Brown at the top of the list of guys that you absolutely must follow if you want to walk with cash this year.

Why is General Brown so good at college football? Perhaps it's because he's been around it his whole life. Growing up in Atlanta, you learn a few things. Watching football from a young age and studying all of the lines, General Brown has more than just a decent sense of how things go down. Beyond that, General Brown has a good sense of all of the betting markets. He knows which teams are going to be the favorites of the public. Beyond that, General Brown seems to have a solid understanding of the way that lines move, as well as where to find value in a given number. It's that combination of football knowledge and betting market knowledge that makes General Brown one of the best handicappers around.