Is Micro Wagering Popular?

Micro Wagering

Micro wagering is starting to become popular in the sports betting industry, but it hasn’t really caught on yet in the United States. A big reason for this is that most “live” sporting events are actually on a slight delay, making it hard for sportsbooks to post micro wagering odds.

A micro wager is a bet that is placed on a small aspect of a game or a bet that is placed on what event will take place next. Australia has seen a huge increase in micro wagering in recent months, and there is a chance that it could begin to pop up in the US.

Bettors in the US do engage in live betting options, especially on major sporting events. In states that have online betting options, micro wagering can be even easier to get involved in.

At this time, you won’t find a ton of micro wager options from US-regulated sportsbooks, but this is something that several companies have started to explore. The US sports betting industry continues to expand, and bettors are always looking for a new style of betting to try out.

One positive of micro wagering is that it is harder to manipulate the outcome of a single event inside of a game. Leagues are constantly worried about the integrity of their sport, and this isn’t a huge concern with this new betting type.

Potential Micro Wagering Options

In the United States, television networks are starting to partner with sportsbooks, and that could eventually open up micro wager options. There are now several TV programs dedicated to discussing sports betting, and it is common that betting odds or lines are mentioned during live broadcasts of sporting events.

Since most of these events are on a delay, fast-paced sporting events will not likely offer up any micro wagering opportunities unless they are done in person. Placing a micro wager inside of an NBA arena during a live NBA game could be possible as the sportsbook would be able to follow along with the real action.

Cricket is one sport that has seen micro wagering take off, and there could eventually be similar opportunities in the United States. Live betting tends to focus on the outcome of a quarter, period, or half, but micro wagering would break that down even further.

Here are some potential micro wagering options:

  • Will the next free-throw attempt be successful?
  • Will the extra-point attempt hit the upright?

Is Micro Wagering Dangerous?

Some opponents of micro wagering will argue that this is a dangerous form of gambling and could lead to major problems in the industry. Sportsbooks will be able to take advantage of problem gamblers by quickly offering up betting options.

In reality, micro wagering is no different than the live or in-play betting options that are currently available at this time. There will eventually be more options available, but they will still closely resemble live betting. 

The biggest issue is that micro wagering will post and remove odds very quickly, giving bettors little to no time to do any research before making a wager. Research is one of the most important aspects to becoming a sound sports bettor, and this could put those with a gambling problem at a severe disadvantage.