How To Improve Your Rank in Apex Legends. Top Tips

How To Improve Your Rank in Apex Legends. Top Tips

A Guide To Apex Legends

Getting to the top of Apex Legends’ Ranked Leaderboards is no easy task. Although there are certain differences, this mode is identical to the usual matches.

These strategies will make it easier for players to advance out of the Bronze-Gold tiers. Diamond and Apex Predator tier top dogs routinely use these strategies. You can also utilize websites that offer Apex Legends, WoW, LoL, Destiny 2 and many other games to boost rank faster.

Top 5 Tips You Need

Reduce Your Skills

Players at lower levels of Apex Legends often make the mistake of jumping into every combat they can find to gain kills. To a limited degree, Kills and assists earn more points in the Ranked system.

Since each combat only counts towards a maximum of 6 kill points, there’s no use in selecting them. Be mindful of the point cap because getting knocked out quickly is achievable by seeking out bouts at a high rate.

Don’t Fight Everybody

Another common error is believing in the sunken cost fallacy. They feel obligated to see a battle through to its end once they’ve committed to it. This is obviously not the case because a large portion of the player base relies on attacking already-engaged teams.

Stop squandering resources on fights you don’t have a chance of winning or those you’re not making any headway in eliminating. Being able to reload, heal, and gain ground—even if just for a little while—can completely change the tide of a battle.

Octane, Wraith, Pathfinder, and Horizon are heroes you should have on your team for this same reason. A game-changer is their ability to move a whole squad in a flash. When my team is weak, we avoid confrontations in my games.

Because it is important to maintain control of the high ground, you will probably be sent back to the lobby if you waste time shooting at other players.


By the way, one area where you might progress is your strategy for dealing with opponents. Many lower-level gamers mistakenly believe they are safe by standing in the open or on rooftops. The latter has many benefits, but you’re still naked from head to toe.

Rather, when fighting, you should always attempt to hide half of your legend’s body behind a solid object. This might be a door, a rock, or even the roof’s pitch. Your chances of winning duels improve as you become less visible to your opponents.

If you’re having trouble going from one cover to another, this will help. Do not act like a moron and expect that your opponents will miss you when you dash out onto the open field. Run, slide, or leap between the obstacles as best you can. Because of this, you will once again have less time to react to gunfire and more opportunities to reload or heal.

The opposite is also true: the high ground is a great strategy to control the tide of combat. When I say this, I don’t imply on a grand scale, but rather for more personal, less public affairs. Argue with an intruder inside a house.

They may be waiting for you even if you forcefully kick the door open and surge inside. On the other hand, you can fasten the roof and listen to their footsteps to find out when and where they try to climb up. Because of the need to climb, you have a temporary advantage that lets you control the pace of the combat.

Get to Know Your Metas

It may seem obvious, but the legend you play will become increasingly important as you progress through Ranked. According to our experience, certain players can go Diamond and higher while playing off-meta legends. I usually only see talented people doing so.

Even if you don’t want to make them your main character, you should familiarise yourself with playing one of these characters because they are currently strong:

  • Octane
  • Gibraltar
  • Horizon
  • Revenant
  • Wraith
  • Caustic
  • Bloodhound

One of these characters’ skills or another will require your attention as you understand their application. Knowledge of how to counter meta characters is necessary, but having both is ideal. Understanding the trajectory options of an Octane Jump Pad or how to kill a Horizon in her Gravity Lift are two examples of abilities that can greatly enhance your fighting prowess.

Knowing when and how to take advantage of their powers will help you succeed in lower-level competition, as many players rely on them heavily. Bloodhound or Gibraltar would be good characters if you’re new to Apex Legends. On one hand, they are both powerful and simple to operate.

Be Consistent With Your Weapons

In Apex Legends contests, it’s not uncommon for players to swap out powerful weapons for less effective ones as the game goes on. It is possible to snowball and amass the greatest gear by sticking to a preferred loadout with generally excellent weapons.

When looking for a weapon with much room for customization, go no further than the R-301 or the Flatline. Try out different weapons until you find one that works for your playstyle, then hone in on that one.


You’ll find many additional opportunities to level up your game and become better at Bronze as you go through the ranks. There is a steep learning curve and a high skill ceiling in Apex Legends, but if you put in the time, effort, and practice, you will quickly rise to the ranks.

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