The Legal Landscape of Online Casinos: An Overview of Regulations

The Legal Landscape of Online Casinos An Overview of Regulations

It would be safe to assume that all major governments worldwide have some form of gambling law. Some countries passed laws that discuss the legality of all forms of gambling in that country.

Some countries, like the US, have a more complex gambling regulatory process involving minor laws per state. These combine with federal laws but relate to specific product gambling.

In addition to these country-specific laws, many regulatory agencies assist countries in assuring fair play and consistent legal practices. These bodies also test and regulate software and products including no deposit free spins promotions.

Online Gambling Laws Around the World

As mentioned earlier, each government has its gambling laws. Below we will highlight the legal landscape of online casinos worldwide.

United Kingdom

Online gambling in the United Kingdom is completely legal and well-regulated. Casinos operating within and outside the region can provide their services to UK residents if they are directly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

The latest provision of the UK gambling law was introduced in 2014. Before then, no sites licensed within certain white-listed jurisdictions could accept UK customers.


The laws relating to online casino gambling in Canada are not very clear. There is a law in place which makes it illegal for any company to provide sports betting services to Canadians without a government license. However, there is not that restricts Canadians from using gambling sites located overseas.

Furthermore, individual provinces within the country can regulate gambling in their regions. More complicated is that some local governments even operate online betting and gaming outlets.


Many countries comprise Europe, and each is responsible for its gambling legislation. European Union members are governed by the European Commission, which impacts what they can do.

However, each county is free to pass its own laws. Therefore, online casino gambling in Europe varies from country to country, and some countries have better regulations than others.


Similar to Europe, Asian countries have individual gambling legislations. There is no supreme law governing the Asian continent, and laws can vary from one country to another.

All forms of land-based gambling are completely legal in some regions and illegal in some. Some countries even allow specific types of land-based gambling. This inconsistency is also seen in online gambling laws.


Gambling laws in Australia are covered by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. Based on provisions of the Act, Australian online casinos are restricted from offering particular gambling services to Aussies.

The only form of online gambling allowed are lottery and sports betting. Both the federal and local governments control gambling. However, no specific law prohibits Australian residents from gambling at overseas casinos.

New Zealand

Gambling laws in New Zealand are very straightforward. The Gambling Act of 2003 prohibits most forms of online betting and gaming. However, this applied to companies based in the country. The Act also prohibits New Zealanders from betting at overseas sites.

The laws and regulations governing online casinos vary from country to country. As you have seen, there are countries where online gambling is fully legal and others its illegal.

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